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Charlotte the Librarian
...does NaNoWriMo

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Join me on my slow descent into madness during the month of November as I write 50,000 words in a month for the National Novel Writing Month.

This blog won't just be for the month of November, but believe me when I say that around November 15th complaining about NaNoWriMo will probably be 50% of what I'm talking about.

I work as the Emerging Technology Librarian at the Grande Prairie Public Library. This is my blog.


The Library: A World History

NaNoWriMo 2013

Uh… I’m still going.

I’m behind by about 5,000 words, but I’m still going.

The problem with being behind is I’ll probably never get a chance to catch up because I don’t know how I can invest any MORE time in it than I already do.

NaNo problems, amirite?


Cake books by Larissa Cox (BoundlessBookbindery) on Etsy.



Books by The Image Foundation

Someone just came to the reference desk to fax something and handed me a document coated with wet baby spit.

At least I hope to god it was from a baby.

NaNoWriMo Update

I think I’m still on task.


Ok, I’m behind. So very behind.  I thought the long weekend would push me forward but instead I ended up actually leaving the house.


Day 6

On track so far. I’m home sick today, so the fever might help the writing process, but the headache and body aches probably won’t, so I’m trying to get things done while I still can.